About us

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belyy_zal_re.jpgRA Gallery was founded in 1993. During this time, at its base was established creative organization representing the Ukra­inian art market, works of modern Ukrainian art, held over one thousand regular public presentations: exhibitions, performan­ces, video screenings, etc. Activity of Gallery is characterized by two strategic areas of development: curatorial projects that reflect current processes and trends of the modern world and Ukrainian art and more traditional presentations of artists with whom the gallery has been operating for many years.

In presentations of RA Gallery is broadly represented new technologies of con­temporary art, using the endless possibilities offered by new media, video, film, te­levision, Internet, multimedia, etc. Projects have traditionally attracted a large audi­ence and received wide coverage in the media. Thus, the gallery was formed not only as an exhibition space, it also become a creative center of communication of different audiences, professional groups, and formal structures, which allows Gallery to position itself as a completely independent institution in the Ukrainian art scene, develop and present their own unique projects, largely determining the fa­ce of contemporary Ukrainian art.
Ра ФотоThe huge experience of the demonstration, support and development of visual arts, professional and non-standard approach while solving creative problems, allows RA Gallery to act as participants of many Ukrainian and international festivals, work­shops and conferences, provide analysis and expertise to carry out informational and promotional support activities and projects, build collection of contemporary Ukrainian art on the base of the gallery.

Currently, with the assistance of RA Gallery are created and maintained corporate and private collections not only in Ukraine but also abroad.