Syllabus for “Basis of modern art”

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1. Introductory talk about the kinds of contemporary visual art materials and medias - 2,5 hours

2. The basis of color science and composition.
Theoretical and practical sessions using different materials: watercolors, acrylics, gouache, paper, colored paper, cardboard.

3. Fine opportunities of tone.
Master-classes in graphic workshops. Study of monotype techniques.

4. Fine features of surfaces and textures of materials.
The study of soil texture, mixed media, collage. Implementation of non-figurative compositions. Using materials such as cardboard, wood, oil, acrylic, sand etc.

5. Basis of decorative composition. An art object in the environment of the modern interior.
Painting fabrics, performing arts and spatial compositions. Materials: fabric, acrylic, aniline dyes, wood, leather.

6. Objects of art in the modern environment. Installation, Land Art.
Lectures with viewing photos and video. Creation of a collective object in the environment.