RAphoto Gallery and Victor Marushchenko School of Photography

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We invite you to attend basic intensive course of photography for beginners, which will further allow you to use your camera skillfully, deliberately and with a creative approach.

The program includes 9 lessons, which will be devoted to different types and genres of photography, technical parameters of the camera and photo materials and teach how to manage the process of photographing and getting the desired photo.
Set in a school is held every month.
The group includes 10 people.

Classes are held 2 times a week at a convenient time for the group, individual classes are also available.
One lesson lasts for 2-2,5 hours.

Upon graduating of the course photo school certificate is issued, which further makes it possible to receive free professional advice and to use library at the RAphoto Gallery.

For graduates of an intensive course school offers practical courses - documentary, conceptual, studio photography, photojournalism and Bild-editing. Practical course lasts for 8 month.
Also we may offer you author's courses "Light and Lighting" and "Commercial Photography ".

RAphoto Gallery creates a fund of the best photo school students' works.

In addition, every six months, exhibitions of photography school students are held, and in the future they may be involved in the gallery projects.
t. (044) 235 36 19