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Міжнародний Фестиваль Фотографії «KievFotoCom»
за підтримки Посольства Литви в Україні
представляє фотопроект
Міндаугас Каваляускас / Mindaugas Kavaliauskas
Проект «travel'AIR»
25.11 - 8.12.2016
Галерея РА
Вул. Б. Хмельницького, 32

відкриття: 25 листопада о 19:00
майстер-клас: 26 листопада о 13:00

Air travel once was a matter of luxury. Back then considered a miracle, commercial aviation is regarded to be as usual as taking a bus. Nowadays, it is a part of our routine, which constantly reveals itself in new faces. It joins up space and time, in which the advertising image crashes into reality. Easiness meets the fatigue, comfort meets stress, luxury meets tawdriness, dreams hit into material reality and the feeling of safety is overtaken by that of vulnerability and discontent.
While travelling within Europe and to / from other continents I started to admire the daily life of the commercial aviation, seen from the perspective of a passenger. The imaginary rest and work of my air travel was complemented with taking pictures. The reason why, would probably be a feeling that when air-travelling we pass to a different and isolated world, the dwellers of which to comfort themselves would say “I fly, therefore I am”
The “travel'AIR” project is a vision of the life around commercial aviation: airports, aircrafts, passengers, flights, waiting, connections, arrivals and departures, baggage, rest, fatigue etc, seen from a passenger's perspective. Commercial aviation is a theme that allows to grasp the pulse of the globalized world.

Mindaugas Kavaliauskas was born in 1974 in Kaunas, Lithuania, where he lives until present working as photographer, curator of photography, editor and publisher of books of photography. He studied Art History and Photography in Kaunas, Arles, Paris and Lausanne. He is founder and director of NGO “Šviesos raštas”, institution for promotion of photographic art (since 2003). He is invited jury panel member, invited curator within international photo festivals, photography competitions, awards, such as Fotofest (Houston), Photo Espana (Madrid), Rencontres d'Arles (France), etc. He is recipient of numerous national and international awards, scholarships, honor titles for achievements in photography; member of the Union of Art Photographers of Lithuania (1993-) and board member (2005-2009); founder and director of KAUNAS PHOTO festival (Lithuania, 2004-). He works as educator, lecturer of photography at workshops. He is author of tens of articles in magazines and portals, intro texts to books. Besides all these activities, Mindaugas Kavaliauskas continues the practice of a photographer and exhibits in Lithuania, Europe and beyond its borders. His photographic work has been published in 3 monographic books and on a number of on-line platforms, such as Le Journal de la Photographie, FP mag, NYTimes LENS, and others.

Попередня реєстрація на безкоштовний майстер-клас Міндаугаса Каваляускаса на е-mail:

тел.(044) 235 36 19

Проект «travel'AIR»
Проект «travel'AIR»
Проект «travel'AIR»