Welcome to the course “Basis of the fine arts”

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RA Gallery invites you to participate the course “Basis of the fine arts”

The course starts on February 2011.

The course of graphics and painting will let you to become familiar with a language of contemporary art with a help of getting involved in to creative process. Practical lessons and lectures introduce traditional medias, forms, materials, mainstreams of graphics and painting – impressionism, fauvism, expressionism, suprematism, cubism, surrealism etc. Also the course includes lectures and master-classes on theory of contemporary art, provided by leading Kyiv artists.

Lessons for English-speaking auditory can be arranged.

The course lasts for 4 months to 2 sessions per week lasting 2,5-3 hours and a final exhibition will be organized. The schedule includes 20 lessons on painting and 20 lessons on graphics.

For those applicants, who already experienced basic medias, we may offer an Extended or Advanced courses, where you can work on developing your skills in some certain technique or style, leaded by a well-know artist.

t. (044) 235 36 19